Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund

“Join us in contributing to AESF so that qualified candidates not in a position to afford tuition can attain the caliber of education that they deserve, that Menlo can provide and that we had the good fortune of experiencing.” — Win Seipp ’72 and AESF co-founder

Give Today!

The Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund (AESF) was established in 2007 in a response from alumni to support Menlo students via financial aid. The AESF builds the School’s endowment and strengthens Menlo’s financial aid program, promoting economic diversity and allowing talented students with financial need to have access to a life-changing Menlo education. Menlo currently offers more than $6.3 million in financial aid to 23% of our student body. Our goal is to never turn away a qualified student due to economic need, and you can help make this possible by giving to AESF.

Over the years, alumni giving has been directed to AESF with great results. The AESF—now valued at more than $2.9 million—is the largest endowed financial aid fund at Menlo. Thank you to our alumni and other members of the Menlo community for supporting AESF and Menlo’s amazing students!

Give to AESF today and give the best gift of all: a Menlo education!

Donate online or contact Katherine Kelly, Director of Alumni Giving and Engagement, at, 650.330.2001 ext. 2606 with questions.