Health and Wellness

Mind, Body, Spirit

Yoga at Menlo Middle School. Photo by Marisa LaValette.

The Health and Wellness program at Menlo School supports and promotes the mental, physical, emotional, and social well-being of all members of our community.

Specialized classes teach students how to make healthy decisions and discover their own identities. Counselors actively reach out to students. Trainers help students keep their bodies in shape. And of course, teachers and coaches create strong relationships so that all students have an adult they can talk to. 

Upper School Counselors

Through a collaborative approach encompassing students, parents, faculty, staff and administration, the Health and Wellness program:

  • Cultivates a campus environment that supports a healthy lifestyle and encourages all members to engage in an ongoing commitment to caring for oneself and for one another.
  • Offers programs and services that increase health and wellness awareness, emphasize prevention and promote healthy behavior.
  • Disseminates current and accurate information on personal and community health issues.
  • Provides tools and resources so that each individual can work towards their own personal health and wellness goals and perform to the best of their ability to ensure quality of life.