Take your shot!

Express your creativity and hone your observational and visual design skills while exploring a wide range of photographic methods.

Menlo School students perform during Creative Arts Night. Photo by Pete Zivkov.Menlo School students perform during Creative Arts Night. Photo by Pete Zivkov.


  • Photography

    This is an introductory class that covers the use of a traditional 35mm film camera, lenses, and black and white darkroom printing processes through a series of hands-on projects. In the first semester, students learn to use the manual controls on film cameras and darkroom equipment in order to achieve desired results.

    The second semester covers the use of digital cameras (SLR and mobile) and digital editing processes through a series of hands-on projects. Students learn to use modern SLR cameras and to edit photos with Adobe’s Lightroom and Photoshop software tools. Students develop practical shooting and editing skills through directed assignments and a variety of self-defined projects, which are recorded through weekly blogging. Classic themes are explored through landscape, portrait, photojournalism, conceptual and experimental photography.
    Cameras and lenses are provided for use during class. Photo paper and film supplies are available for purchase in the Campus Store.

  • Advanced Photography

    This class extends the study of photography to include advanced digital SLR and mobile photography, large and medium format film cameras and alternative processes. Emphasis is placed on using the highest quality materials, producing and exhibiting larger prints, advanced techniques, and developing deeper understanding through student-defined projects. Students rotate through individual monthly assignments, which are done within and outside of class. Each assignment features a different set of methods, goals or a new piece of equipment. At the end of each assignment, students share, exhibit and critique their results in a group setting. As homework, students maintain a weekly personal blog of their activity. All equipment and supplies are provided.

    Prerequisite: Photography

Additional Programs

Photo Club – Weekly, classroom time providing community, inspiration and technical support for all interested students.
Summer Enrichment – A weeklong summer class which provides an introduction to photography for younger students.
Menlo School photo students learning to use cameras and tripods. Photo by Pete Zivkov.

Pete Zivkov

Pete Zivkov is an exhibiting fine art photographer and teacher. Previously, Pete was the owner of a small business that supported traditional visual artists with new digital imaging technologies. He holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Ohio State University and a bachelor’s degree from Case Western Reserve University. In a previous career, he was an R&D engineer and productivity manager at Hewlett Packard. Please see for personal work and additional information.