Creative Arts

Confidence, Self-Awareness, and the Creative-Thinking Skill Set.

Beyond learning the fundamentals of any specific art, Menlo’s Creative Arts program helps students—those with and without previous artistic experience—develop confidence, self-awareness, the ability to articulate their ideas and the creative-thinking skill set.

In the 21st century, this creative-thinking skill set is critical. As global issues become increasingly complex, our future will depend on solving these challenges with creative ideas. Menlo School’s Creative Arts program teaches the skills students will be called upon to use throughout their time at Menlo, as they prepare for college admissions, and in their working life.

Students are first introduced to Creative Arts through the Freshman Seminar program: a rotation of short courses in Drama, Dance, Chorus and Studio Art. A wide variety of elective courses, clubs and extracurricular activities focus on a wide range of artistic endeavors. We invite everyone from within and outside the Menlo community to share the passions and enthusiasms of our student artists at the many events open to the public.

Many students participate in Arts classes beyond the one-year requirement. Because of this, we encourage you to fulfill your requirement early, as you may discover a new interest or passion and find that you would like to take further advantage of the Arts opportunities.

Freshman Year

All freshmen participate in the Creative Arts Rotation, part of the Freshman Seminar, in which they are introduced to Drama, Dance, Chorus and Studio Art. Students may also elect to take an Arts elective their freshman year. Men’s and Women’s Chorus, Art, Drama, Dance and Moviemaking are open to all freshmen. Students with previous experience or skill may seek teacher approval for Chamber Singers or Chamber Orchestra.

Sophomore, Junior and Senior Year

Menlo students may take Creative Arts as an elective. Students are invited to discover new skills in any of these classes:

Students with previous experience or skill may also take the following advanced classes with teacher approval:

 Eligibility for all non-introductory art classes is determined by teachers.

 Creative Arts StaffCreative Arts Staff